Research Description

The objects of diffusion include specific modes of social categorization (such as “race” in census forms), principles of legitimation (such as democracy), government policies (such as minority quota systems), forms of conflict (such as revolutions), or cultural practices (such as Tango dancing or marrying “in white”). The program invited applications from scholars developing new, innovative ways to study global diffusion processes. Analytically oriented approaches that identified recurring patterns and mechanisms through rigorous comparison of multiple cases or quantitative analysis, with broad geographic (preferably transcontinental) coverage, were of particular interest for this program.

Faculty Director

Andreas Wimmer
Hughes-Rogers Professor of Sociology

Fung Global Fellows

Seva Gunitsky
University of Toronto, Canada

Alexandra Kowalski
Central European University in Budapest, Hungary

Deepak Malghan
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

Lorena Poblete
National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET/IDES), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aashish Velkar
Manchester University, UK

Fabio Wasserfallen
Salzburg Center of European Union Studies, Austria