Research Description

The growth of international organizations and transnational actors has brought about the emergence of a dense international society above the nation-state. Under what circumstances do new international organizations or transnational associations emerge, and when do they expand in their membership and jurisdiction? Does international society function as a constraint on states? How do states and societal actors navigate the complex and overlapping jurisdictions of international organizations? In what ways do international organizations and associations function as distinct cultures or as bureaucracies with their own interests? The 2016-17 cohort of Fung Fellows was to examine the emergence, functioning, and effects of international organizations and transnational associations of all types (state and non-state, focused on a single issue or world region, or examined comparatively) from a cultural, historical, political, sociological, or other perspective. 

Faculty Director

Christina Davis
Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School

Fung Global Fellows

Lai-Ha Chan
Senior Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney, Australia  

Srividya Jandhyala
Assistant Professor, ESSEC Business School, Singapore

Anastassia Obydenkova
Senior Researcher, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation

Jong Hee Park
Associate Professor, Seoul National University, South Korea

Lena Rethel
Associate Professor, University of Warwick, UK

Vinicius Rodrigues Vieira
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil