The FGFP invites its fellows to each convene one public event on topics related to their research during the academic year of their residency, with which the Program Manager will assist. 

To support Research Events, FGFP will provide:

  • Organizational and logistical support in scheduling and advertising the event, including design of one digital event poster
  • Coverage of travel and lodging expenses for up to two external participants (i.e. any scholar not affiliated with Princeton University)
  • Lunch or dinner (lunch will be served during the 12PM public events; a small dinner will be organized after the 4:30PM events)

Research Events must include at least one Princeton faculty member as a participant in the event as a speaker, moderator, discussant, etc.

You may co-convene a Research Event with a scholar affiliated with Princeton University (e.g. another current Fung Fellow or current Princeton University scholar). 

Research Events run 1.5 hours and must be either: 1) a lunch event from 12:00PM - 1:30PM (ET); or 2) an afternoon event (after classes end) from 4:30PM - 6PM (ET). In-person campus events generally take place Monday through Thursday, as many faculty and students depart campus on Fridays. You may also convene a hybrid event (in-person + remote), or a fully remote event.

Please note: There is a strong preference to space FGFP Research Events and/or any other FGFP program event by at least 2 weeks to one month. 

Requests for a Research Event should be emailed to Nicole Bergman ([email protected]) and include:

  • Your name and name and title of any Princeton-affiliated co-conveners
  • A short description of the topic and event format (lecture, panel, etc.)
  • A list of participants
  • A commitment by at least one Princeton faculty member to participate
  • A proposed event date and time 

Once your event is approved, you will have to invite your participants. Once they confirm, Nicole will need the following ASAP:

  • Names, titles, emails, bios, and headshots of all participants 
  • Title of event
  • Short abstract of event for publicity
  • Any preferred image(s) you'd like to use for the publicity (in jpg format); please include any photo credits and/or make sure the images are not copyrighted 
  • Please confirm if you would like your event live-streamed and/or recorded as Nicole will have to hire the Broadcast Center to do so, and have each participant sign Video Releases.